Mälaragent AB acts as a representative for the ship-owner and the captain, as the ship is about to harbor. At docking and discharging these documents should be established: Vessel declaration, crew list, crew declaration, cargo declaration, health declaration and supply declaration. Measuring documents and registrations associated with the vessel are to be presented.

Malaragent AB is appointed by the ship-owner or the operator. As the ship is harbored the agent is the acting coordinator concerning shipping- and unloading operations. These services include forwarding the estimated time of arrival, booking the pilot, berth, storage facilities, maintenance crew and relieving crew members, the agent also provides for reperations, cleaning people etc.

Mälaragent AB: s function is also to compile the harbor clearance by documenting the costs as well as schedules concerning the discharge. This compilation refers to as “statement of facts” and are used for calculating the time charter, these are to be made according to the terms of agreement.

Mälaragent AB are also obligated to act as representatives for the government’s, the harbor’s and additional supplier’s charging and collecting of fees that the ship-owner should provide.

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